Grading & Sodding


Green Star Construction delivers a perfectly beautiful landscape.

A pleasant looking landscape is always attractive. But the picturesque quality of a well-laid lawn is not the only reason that commercial and residential contractors require them.

Sports Fields: We grade and sod sports fields throughout the Greater Toronto Area. A properly laid sports field can help increase the quality and speed of the sport being played as well as reduce the risk of injury.

Subdivision Residential: Our topsoil and sodding service is ideal for residential developments with requirements that vary from one project to the next.

Commercial: For an attractive commercial area, including retail plaza and commercial developments, proper grading with quality topsoil is important. A pleasant green area attracts clients and improves the atmosphere. It also reduces long term maintenance and overall functionality.

Fine Grading: The preparation of land for sod to be laid is known as fine grading. There are a number of steps involved in this process, beginning with rough grading. This preparation is vital to ensure the health of the sod to be laid, as well as the intended overall design of the property afterward.

Sod Restoration: Green Star Construction can restore your sod and turf to its former glory. Using seeding and top dressing, we redevelop your sod for continued health. If the areas are in severe distress, we can consult you on the best available options to suit your budget and timeline.

Large & Standard Roll Installation:  We can install new lawns and greenspaces with our large and standard roll installation service. As experienced professionals, we can provide a smooth and natural look to your finished lawn regardless of size. We buy our sod from only the top producers in the industry.

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