Site Work


Green Star Construction is your single source for site work.

We offer quality site work that prepares the land on your development area for construction and further work.

Site work refers to all the necessary elements of preparation of an area of land for construction.. This will include earthworks, erosion protection and control, rehabilitative landscaping and basically any other form of ground preparation and adjustment, everything but the construction of the structure itself.

We specialize in the installation of subsurface infiltration tanks and drainage systems. We can install and repair catch basins and site drainage to control the flow and dissipation of storm water and remediate drainage concerns. We can also install erosion protection such as silt fences, fibre blankets, check dams, and outfall sediment traps. Likewise, we are able to shape the land for long-term erosion prevention and rehabilitation so that areas of a site can be restored back to their natural functionality.

We understand the constraints and requirements of this often detailed work, and therefore carry out the job accordingly. We act quickly and efficiently to stay within clients’ project timeframe and to reduce their future costs, while importantly staying on budget. Our crews are equipped with the proper personnel and equipment to get the job done.

We pride ourselves on the communication we maintain with our clients so that their experience can be positive, and stress-free.

Should a client need advice or guidance on best method and procedure, we are happy to offer our professional opinion.

For tried and tested site work in the Greater Toronto Area, Green Star Construction is here.

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