Gain total control of your land with Green Star Construction.

Shaping the land that you intend to develop can be costly and time consuming if not carried out by experienced professionals. Green Star’s experts can deliver a knowledgeable and complete earthworks service so that you can be sure that your concerns are in the best hands.

Site remediation is absolutely vital to the land you are developing. With our site remediation, we can remove waste through clearing and grubbing, remove debris, and reutilize appropriate materials within. Our team can identify and adjust the workability of soils and materials that can negatively affect the cost and timeliness of completing work on budget and on time. We feel this concept is fundamental in our line of work, especially with our changing seasons and weather patterns.

We can also carry out engineered fill operations to shape the land for future development. With our engineered fill service we can cut and fill existing material, or import/export to achieve a desired result. We are able to prepare ground prior to site servicing, or after servicing for further construction of the site. Whatever the need, we can help achieve customer success.

Our clearing and grubbing services are suited to areas of land that require the removal of vegetation before being built on. We work closely with our customers during this rough, but delicate process.

Our team sits down with clients to discuss the goals of the project prior to work. This allows us the best understanding of the site’s intended use and allows us to carry out work matched with the needs of clients.

For any earthworks, we are the team to call.

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